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Presenting Opera Sentai by Twoplus Games!

We tried to answer this one question for the 2014 #7DFPS:
"How do we make a better mobile FPS?"

Traditionally, FPS on the touch devices are severely hampered by the control scheme. Having that shoot button & trying to look around simultaneously is simply terrible.

So we had this idea: SING TO SHOOT!

We ran with that idea, and tailored a game around it - with team of Power Ranger-esque superheroes who fight with their beautiful operatic voices powers! The results are a bit wonky, but fun!

Unfortunately you sitting there don't get to play it on mobile like we are doing on our iPad! :(

This was our first foray into Blender and mobile FPS controls... As well as taking microphone inputs, so it was inevitably quite wonky. The very unique challenge of the microphone also meant that there were many unforeseen bugs and difficult-to-navigate problems, but we learned tons, and will take this learning into the future with pride. Thanks #7DFPS! :D

(What is Sentai? Sentai is Japanese for basically the Power Ranger type of characters! Battle Team for Justice!)


Find me @tuism, @twoplusgames or at twoplusgames.com


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Game is gone? Reupload, please? :P

It's not gone, it was just originally only released as a Unity Webplayer version, so... I guess you're running Chrome and can't play it. Try Safari or another browser that can run the old Unity Webplayer to try it :)